Cartridge Info

Game On can provide an unlimited supply of fibre wad cartridges at a competitive price. Most of our clients buy our shells simply because they don’t ordinarily keep specialist clay loads for an event such as simulated game shooting.

We use high velocity, low recoil, light loads, specifically suited to simulated game shooting. These are perfect for the job and pattern beautifully, even on the really high clays!

We recommend an absolute minimum of 250 cartridges per gun per day, however, we do have guns who shoot well in excess of 500, even up to 700 for example. This depends upon how enthusiastic you are on the day! Better to have too many, than not enough. If Game On supply your cartridges, we will only charge you for opened boxes.

You are very welcome to bring your own cartridges, however, these MUST be FIBRE WAD. Plastic Wad cartridges are NOT permitted on the shoot.

We recommend that you place your order when reserving your day. We do need to have the order a minimum of two weeks prior to the event to allow for order and delivery time.

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