Grouse Days

We have simulated grouse shooting over a 1,000 acre grouse moor which is simply stunning! Grouse days will be available for those guns wanting to get some practice in ahead of ‘the glorious 12th'.

Grouse days have some history at Crogen and Henry and Sarah are keen for these events to replicate that tradition with picnics on top of the moors if preferred to lunch at the house, dependant upon the weather forecast of course!

These days will include five grouse drives and can run all through the summer if required, but we are expecting them to be more in demand in July and August. 

If you are having a private exclusive day, you can choose to make it a grouse day if preferred.  Initially we will be running a couple of team days as grouse days for smaller groups of 6 guns, joining another team of 6 as a minimum.    Keep an eye on our News Page and the calendar below in our 'Dates Available' box, or call and ask us for details. We are here to help if we can.

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