Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all events booked with Game On Event Management LLP ( known as “Game On”, “we” or “us” in these terms and conditions).


Game On reserves the right to amend any prices quoted until a booking deposit has been received.

Payment Terms

On acceptance of a booking a non refundable deposit is payable of 50 % of the price quoted. The balance is payable 14 days prior to an event. Any bookings cancelled within the 14 days prior to the event are payable in full. 100% of the cost is payable for bookings made 14 days or less prior to an event date and for bookings which are being paid for by individual guns as opposed to a group booking. If any additional charges are incurred on the day of an event they are payable within 7 days of an event taking place.

If any charge is not paid when due then Game On may cancel an event and any fees already paid will not be refunded.

Amendments to Bookings

If a client amends a booking more than 14 days before an event then we will try to implement such changes. We reserve the right to charge for such amendment where we incur additional costs as a result. No amendments to booking can be made 14 or less days prior to an event.

We will only amend any booking where we are forced to do so by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In those circumstances no refund will be payable unless the day is significantly inferior or shorter than that booked.


All shotgun owners must hold a current UK Shotgun Certificate which they should carry with them at all times when shooting. These should be presented for inspection and registration at the shooting event. Anyone who does not hold a current licence or does not bring it for inspection is required to have, and pay for, a licenced instructor for the event. In the event that Game On have not been advised that the guest does not hold a licence and had the opportunity to arrange for a Coach/Instructor, the guest is unable to shoot and the fee is payable if full.


All gun users must have Third Party Liability Insurance of up to £5m.